Allied Scanner


  • No need to monitor individual script.
  • Compatible with MCX, NSE, Futures, Forex.
  • Sound Alert and Popup on new signal.
  • See Number of previous candles before the last signal generated.
  • Profit/Loss of individual script
  • Total Profit/Loss
  • Scan based on multiple indicators like:
    • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
    • Moving Average
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Stochastic
    • MACD
    • WPR (Williams' Percentage Range)


(AlliedScanner is Free for Vcharting Clients. If you are not existing client of Vcharting and want to try AlliedScanner, then first get the MT4 demo details on your email. To get the MT4 demo details on your email goto Products > Real Time MT4 Charts > For Demo Section. Place request to "Get Demo Details on Email". Once you receive the demo details and set on your MT4 then come on this page and install AlliedScanner.)

Step 1

Download and Install Metatrader 4

(If you want to use your existing Metatrader4 then skip this step)


Step 2

Download and Install AlliedScanner

(Steps are mentioned below.)

Download (For Win 7) Download (For Win 8,10)


Step 1 Close all running Metattrader4.
Step 2 Download and Execute the AlliedScanner.exe
Step 3 Select intended MT4 when prompted
Step 4 Once installed, Open Metattrader4. Go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > Select "Allow DLL imports"
Step 5 Right click on Market Watch and select "Show All"
Step 6 You can find AlliedScanner in Navigator, under Expert Advisors. Drag AlliedScanner onto any open chart.
Step 7 Go to Inputs tab and change any parameters if needed.
Step 8 On first usage, it will take 2 - 4 minutes to scan all charts.
Step 9 You can open any chart from the Scanner (Dashboard) by clicking on any script.


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