MT4 Auto Trading System

Why Auto Trading System?

  • Auto Trading System is a plugin to make automatic trading From the Charting terminal to any brokers trading terminal. By the help of the plugin we can save our time so that we don't have to sit on the terminal all the time just to take a trading opportunity.
  • It will automatically take the signal from the charting terminal and push it into the broker trading terminal without any delay. Accuracy depends on the signal generated by the charting terminal or the strategy used in the graph.
  • If you are a technical analyst, then all you have to concentrate on is your strategy not the trading part. Auto Trading System takes care of that business while you can spare your time on developing a better trading strategy.


  • Real-time execution of trades without any delay.
  • Developed based on best charting software in financial industry, Metatrader4.
  • Decide whether to take trades on both side or on a single side (Bullish / Bearish) of the market.
  • Compatible with ALICEBLUE ANT Web / Desktop, ZERODHA KITE, Pi, and 2 other leading Trading Terminals: NEST TRADER, NOW


MT4 is Charting and Analysis Application. You can not trade in MT4 in Indian markets.
However MT4 is used for forex trading outside India for International markets.


Our Auto Trading System works as bridge between MT4 and Trading Terminals (Broker Terminals).


It works well with following terminals.
1. Ant web platform provided by Aliceblue
2. Kite web platform provided by Zerodha
3. Nest Trader provided by Any Broker
4. NOW Terminal provided by Any Broker


We continuously add profitable indicators to our Auto Trading System.
At present we have 5 strategies: Supertrend, MACD, Stochastic, 3MA Crossover, Range Breakout Indicator.


Yes you can specify your own TP, SL in Auto Trading System.
Moreover we have exclusive Trailing Stop Loss feature in our Auto Trading System.


Directly you can not auto trade with any MT4 Indicator. You need to send your Indicator(s) or your strategy to us on email .
Our development team will evaluate it and they can make it compatible with auto trading at additional cost.
After that you can auto trade with your MT4 Indicator / Strategy.
We can also club your multiple MT4 Indicators and generate Buy / Sell triggers to trade through Auto Trading System.


Our Auto Trading System supports both Intraday and Positional trading. Range Breakout indicator has been specifically designed for Intraday. Rest of the indicators can be used for Intraday on lower timeframes and for Positional on higher timeframes. Moreover we have one exclusive feature where in you can take benefit of long trends in Intraday without worrying about gap up / gap down opening.


Yes our auto trading system and given indicators support Renko Charts.


Auto trading system is fully automated system based on Indicators. Easy Trading System is button based semi automated system which plot order trigger buttons with TP SL values on chart so that you can directly trade with MT4 chart into you trading terminal.


Yes. Auto trading system includes Easy trading system also.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a remote server allotted to you lying in data centers. VPS are up and running 99.9% of time without any electricity or Internet issues. If Auto trading is done through VPS, then you can shutdown your PC / laptop and still auto trading system will keep running without any electricity / internet issues.


If Auto Trading System is subscribed without VPS, we will connect to your Desktop / Laptop remotely using Anydesk and will do the installation. If Auto Trading System is subscribed with VPS, we will setup VPS which takes 2 - 3 hours and once VPS setup is done, we will install Auto Trading System on VPS and guide you over Anydesk how to access VPS and Auto Trading System.


You can contact our live chat support person on website. You can contact us through phone between 9 AM to 6 PM in case of any technical assistance needed. You can also drop us email on


If you get for higher tenure subscription like Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly, You get discount. You can check discounted rates in our pricing package. Moreover if you subscribe for Half Yearly or Yearly package, we can integrate one of your MT4 Indicator or strategy free of cost with auto trader.






MT4 Auto Trader

  • * Suitable for Intraday Trading
  • * Data feed Included
  • * Our best Strategies included
  • * No need to subscribe to API
  • * One of your strategy for auto trading - Free of cost with Half Yearly Subscription
  • * One of your strategy for auto trading - Free of cost with Yearly Subscription
  • Monthly
    Half Yearly

MT4 Auto Trader + VPS (Cloud)

  • * Suitable for Intraday & Positional Trading
  • * Suitable in case of Internet / Power outage
  • * Desktop / Laptop Can be shut down while Auto Trading System is ON
  • * Data feed Included
  • * Our best Strategies included
  • * No need to subscribe to API
  • * One of your strategy for auto trading - Free of cost with Half Yearly Subscription
  • * One of your strategy for auto trading - Free of cost with Yearly Subscription
  • Monthly
    Half Yearly


Vcharting - if you win, V will win.

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